An Immigration law firm based in Seattle, Washington; Orbit Law, PLLC, believes in helping navigate our clients through the constantly changing labyrinth of immigration and nationality laws. Our practice includes handling cases for individuals, families, local businesses, and multinational corporations. We help our clients secure a wide range of nonimmigrant and immigrant relief, including temporary visas, permanent residence, citizenship, and political asylum.


We pride ourselves in offering our clients individualized and thorough solutions because we understand that their stories are special and their circumstances unique. As first generation immigrants who have successfully maneuvered through the legal maze, we are better able to understand our clients’ expectations, fears, and limitations.


Our unrivaled combination of attention to detail, breadth of experience, immigrant background, foreign language proficiency, and cross-cultural sensibility distinguishes Orbit Law, PLLC from other law firms in the country.


We are proud to be able to provide services in English, Hindi, Nepali, Urdu, Spanish and Russian.

One of the Best

Very organized and well prepared attorney. Always made me feel confident about Steve handling my case. In court he was always prepared when it came to presenting the proper paperwork and always stood out amongst the other attorneys that were always present during all of my court dates. I noticed during court that other attorneys struggled when they were in front of the judge, I even saw some attorneys so unprepared and sometimes acted more nervous that their clients!

Meanwhile Steve was always calm and collective and his well preparation made my case a successful one. I believe that hiring Steve Tanijo as my immigration attorney will improve anyone’s chances by
a significant amount.

Best Lawyer Ever
Mr. Tanijo is a great attorney to work with. He was able to get my fathers case resolved in a small amount of time. My Fathers case was very complicated because he had a few deportation. I have worked with a few attorneys who gave me no hope in keeping my father in the U S. Some of them promised to help and get him status, paid a good amount of money only to get bad news that there was no hope. I am very thankful that he ( Steven Tanijo ) worked on my fathers case and was able to convince the judge to keep my father and get him status. I highly recommend him to anyone that is having Immigration problems. Thank you so much Steven for all your hard work, you are the best.

I went through my Green Card case smoothly and with no stress

I can wholeheartedly tell you that Steve is by far the most honest, friendly, and up-front lawyer. We received immediate and professional attention when we contacted him. Meeting him was a huge blessing and relief for me and my partner. From our first meeting with Steve, we knew we were in good hands. He handled our issues with professionalism, directness, and explained everything very clearly. We would not go anywhere else for legal immigration counsel. All this year, we engaged his service even for minor immigration issues because we know he cares and very efficient We highly recommend Steve Tanijo!!


Kripa helped me with my employee’s work immigration need. Her dedication and passion in helping her clients is outstanding. I have worked with good lawyers in the past, but Kripa is special. Not only is she knowledgeable as one should, she is responsible, down to earth and GENUINELY cares about your need. With Kripa, there is no surprises (except pleasant ones). I am very happy to have found you, Kripa. Thank you for being a positive force in your industry.

Boon Chew Nanaimo Studios

Kripa is very personable, client-focused and easy to talk to. She’s helpful and incisive and she takes extreme care to ensure that her work is perfect and all the details are as they should be. She takes the time to understand the client needs and proposes the most effective way to move forward (in my case it was EB1 petition). When I need an attorney, I feel confident that she can help or would refer me to someone else that can help.

Igor Smolenov

Kripa and Orbit Law were instrumental to my successful application for permanent residence. I was impressed not only with Kripa’s extensive knowledge of immigration law, but also with her ability to dive deep into my very specialized professional background in order to help me build a strong case for a National Interest Waiver (NIW). I felt I was in great hands at Orbit Law and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in need of an immigration attorney.

Beata Kouchner Founder and CEO at Sophistio

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